About Us

S.M.E Electrical Co Pte Ltd started up as as a partnership by a few of friends taking on electrical installation works. Our services include design, installation and retrofitting of electrical systems of high and low tension installation and extra low voltage systems and became a sizable size of sub-contractors. In 1975, our founder Mr Too Hin Tay and Mr Lee Tian Tong incorporated S.M.E Electrical Co. (Pte ) Ltd and continued to grow the company. The company had taken on wider range of projects and installations by venturing overseas to places such as Myanmar. In addition, SME Electromechanical (L.L.C) (Dubai) was set up on 2006 and is being overseen by Mr. Lee.

After exploring  in various sectors and in order to stay competitive in the market. The company had re-organized and both directors decided to go solo with senior Mr Too to take over S.M.E Electrical Co. Pte Ltd of which Mr Michael Too to take on the leading role with the foresight to continue to grow the company into a multi-discipline capability engineering company with a commitment to quality.

This has led to the company taking on Water Treatment Plant installation contract from CNA Pte Ltd (now known as CNA Ltd) on major package C5A,  C4C and C3C, from Keppel Engineering package C3D. Being the largest facility of its type and most advance reclamation plant in the world, the Changi Water Reclamation Plant (CWRP) in Singapore boasts the largest PROFIBUS installation yet in Southeast Asia comprising close to 10,000 nodes on complex SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technologies, plant-wide interfaces, communications, sophisticated control strategies and computerized data management system utilizing fibre optics and structured cabling infrastructure, S.M.E Electrical completed all the packages and completed the C5A plant wide installation ahead of schedule.